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Accommodation of a disability

What employers need to know about Human Resources Law

I will be a presenter at a panel on this topic at Suffolk University Law School on March 14th. Below is an overview of the seminar.

Whether you have your own small law firm, or are advising a small business, do you know what employment laws apply? Do you know which laws control based on the number of your employees? Do you know what you should be worrying about? Do you know what you are doing right and don’t need to worry about? What are the keys to effective human resource management? What should you do to create a workplace environment that treats employees fairly and legally?

What Employers Need to Know about Human Resources Law features leading experts in the field of employment law to help you grapple with the thorny legal issues you or your clients may be coming across with more frequency. After starting with an intense update on the hot topics in the field, you will hear what you can and cannot do in the employment setting, how to classify employees as exempt, non-exempt, or as independent contractors, and finally how to manage through difficult medical and disability issues. You will take away knowledge and insight for managing your own offices, as well as for advising your clients. This seminar is designed for lawyers who find that more and more their clients are turning to them for more sophisticated employment law advice, as well as for lawyers who confront employment law issues within their own office. Some knowledge of employment law issues is helpful, though not necessary.

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