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Accommodation of a disability

Examples of reasonable job accommodations for a qualified handicapped employee

A good employer will want to work out a reasonable accommodation for a qualified disabled employee, but it doesn’t always know where to start. The employee may not be sure what kind of accommodation he or she can request. I frequently recommend the Jobs Accommodation Network website which lists numerous options for specific disabilities. Most accommodations do not require an expensive capital investment. The larger the employer, the more difficult it will be for the employer to claim the accommodation would create an undue hardship.

Some of the accommodations I’ve negotiated are:

An employee with digital neuropathy had trouble typing on her computer keyboard. The employer agreed to install commercially available speech-to-text software.

An employee with severe sleep apnea was allowed to have a regularly scheduled break in the morning and afternoon so that she could maintain focus.

An employee who wanted to manage his substance abuse issue was allowed to attend twice-weekly, hourly outpatient treatment over 6 weeks.

An employee who was on a 4 month chemotherapy schedule was allowed to work at home 3 days a week.

An employee with visual impairment was given commercially available software to allow his computer to use larger font sizes.

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