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Claims for unpaid wages, commissions, overtime

Damages for violation of the Wage Act can include tripling of the unpaid wages plus tripling of the lost wages if the employee is fired for complaining about unpaid wages


An employer who is found to have retaliated against an employee who complains about unpaid wages can recover both the unpaid wages and his lost wages from the date of the wrongful termination up until the date of trial. An award of back pay compensates plaintiffs for lost wages and benefits between the time of the discharge and the trial court judgment.

For example, if an employee is fired after she points out that she has not been paid $3,000 in wages, the Wage Act mandates that a violation of the act allows her to recover treble damages of $9,000. If she has lost wages from the time of her termination until trial in the amount of $25,000, then that amount is tripled as well to $75,000. Wessell v. Mink Brook Associates, Inc.

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