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Guaranteed paid sick days for employees of federal contractors begins in 2017

By Executive Order of President Barack Obama, companies that have contracts with the federal government must allow those workers to accrue up to seven sick days per year, beginning in 2017. Workers will receive one hour of paid leave for every 30 they work, capped at 56 hours annually. The workers must be notified each pay period of how much paid leave they have banked.  They must be allowed to roll their time over into a new year.

Workers can use that time to care for themselves or a loved one, not just in the event of physical sickness or injury, but also mental illness and domestic abuse.

Some workers already have paid leave through existing employer polices.  Over one-third of private sector workers don’t get any paid sick days at all, according to the U.S the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is estimated that this new rule will affect over one million workers.

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